Meet the Piney Pods team who makes it all possible.
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Piney Pods team

Jess Radle | Owner-Qualifying Broker
Jess is an accomplished Real Estate professional offering over 21 years of experience in property management, brokering, budgeting, marketing and sales direction, and operational consultancy. I'm a dedicated individual whose commitment to quality and excellence has yielded merit, saving millions of dollars through sales amplification, business expansion, and budget streamlining. I offer an exclusive gain to any ecology requiring Real Estate expertise, having occupied various roles and received cross-sectional training in this vast industry. 
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Jake Valentine |Owner-Marketing-Social Media
Jake is a world renowned artist, musician, and marketing professional. He has been featured in several national & international magazines and publications; as well as has had his art featured in museums and art galleries throughout the world. He keeps the Piney Pods website running smoothly & does all the marketing as well as social media for Piney Pods. So if you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact him.
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